Opposites Attract at Gallery Ones November show

Gallery One recently announce their November show theme, Opposites Attract, with the show open to the public from Oct. 30 through Dec. 3. The artists at Gallery One are exploring the idea of opposites and how they can be attractive while at the same time creating opposition.

In artist Joyce Condrys acrylic painting Dichotomy, the concepts of opposition are visible. In her first attempt at an abstract painting, she began by combining warm and cool colors, and as she described, the opposites grew from there: dark and light tones, black and white accents, straight and curved lines, smooth and rough surfaces, happy and sad emotions. Do they attract? Do they repel?

In Barnyard Buddies, a pastel painting by Laura Hickman, Opposites do attract, as shown by this happy little mouse and wary, worldly cat as they peer outside a shuttered window of an old weathered barn.

In Close Call, artist Lesley McCaskills watercolor painting illustrates a dramatic scene in which two boats passed rather close to each other, forming a wake like the implied X. Boats going in the opposite directions X marks the spot of a Close Call.

In Dale Sheldons acrylic painting Crab Shanty Reflections, the natural worlds opposites of earth and water and land and sea are so different but belonging together. The crab shanty on Tangier Island, however, is fighting to survive as sea level rises, taking away land, and is a real threat to the centuries-old way of life for the hearty watermen and women who live there. Someti....

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