NASA Safety Committee Happy Artemis Progress, Worried About Leadership – Industry News Hour

NASA safety panel members are praising the agency for its fast development of the Artemis mission, which is all about sending a manned mission to the moon once again. However, at the same time, they warned the space agency regarding a void formed in the leadership of the mission.

At a meeting, which was held on Sept 6, 2019 at the Johnson Space Center, the members of the Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel (ASAP) hailed NASA for putting the accelerator on in the Artemis project over the last few months ranging from selecting companies that will provide the preliminary elements of lunar gateway to plans for soliciting proposals of lunar landers.

That, however, does not mean that Artemis does not have any challenges to overcome. There are a series of safety implications that the panel highlighted, which will have to be taken care of.  One of the panel members, former astronaut Sandra Magnus warned about the complexity of assembling various elements, including the Gateway modules and the lunar lander, which are being acquitted and developed independently.

She also reminded that NASA needs to carry out unscrewed test flights of the lunar lander before they attempt the first manned mission. Such an attempt, she said will be a significant risk reduction operation for the lunar module.

All the members of the panel hailed HASA for its commendable progress in the Artemis project. However, the chairperson of the panel rued about the absence of a permanent associate administration head for hum....

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