Industrial Safety Joins the Smart Revolution

A great change is occurring in the manufacturing sector – and the potential that it holds for industrial safety shouldn’t be ignored.

That change is smart manufacturing. There are different global initiatives attached to this phenomenon like Industrie 4.0 and China Manufacturing 2025. However, they all revolve around two key elements: real-time data and seamless connectivity.

The ability to unlock real-time data from a fast-growing number of “smart” industrial IoT devices is giving industrial companies unprecedented visibility into their operations. This is helping them better understand and improve virtually every aspect of production. Seamless connectivity is helping share and present information in new ways, improve collaboration among workers, remotely monitor assets from a central location, sync up production around the world and more.

But the benefits aren’t only on the operations side. Smart manufacturing also presents an opportunity for safety professionals to use real-time data and connectivity to improve how they monitor and manage industrial safety.

Gaining Access to Safety Data

Smart manufacturing requires converging enterprise-level IT and plant-level operations technology (OT) systems, which have historically remained separate from each other. Merging these systems results in a single, secure and unified network architecture. This architecture combined with enabling technologies like industrial IoT devices creates the foundation upon which companies can deploy smart ....

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