Cy Twombly, Redefined by His Drawings

The show is densely installed and has an immersive feeling that becomes oceanic as the rhythms of Twomblys hand expand. It begins with a startling vitrine of 39 drawings, which are being exhibited for the first time: tiny scraps mounted on index cards made in 1951. They show a range of quasi-abstract motifs resembling trees, fences, rows of flowers and strangely little sketches for Wiener Werkstatte broaches. They are about as precise as Twombly gets; the motif turns shambling in four larger oil paint drawings nearby.

Twomblys signature line, nervous and diagonally adrift, makes a tentative appearance, faintly penciled, suggesting a sloping hill in six drawings near the entrance. Then it shortens, gathering in flocks on four postcard-size works from 1955, evoking illegible scribblings. On the opposite wal....

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