Blockchain development with strong APIs

Blockchain offers a new approach to data management and provides another source for valuable information. Anywhere a company or individual needs trust - any transaction that requires a record - blockchain can support with autonomy, efficiency, and certainty. Whether it is storing contracts/transactions on the blockchain or moving ledgers into the cloud and/or on-prem databases and CRMs - companies will need strong APIs.

2018 was the year of blockchain “pilot” projects - where companies began to truly explore all of the possibilities of the technology. For example, in PwC’s 2018 survey of 600 executives, 84 percent said their organizations had at least some involvement with blockchain technology - but only 15 percent reported having gone live.

As we jump into 2019, we will see more blockchain projects going into production and more use cases in non-financial industries like manufacturing, healthcare, and food safety. But, in order for any of that to happen, companies will need to deploy technology that will connect the new blockchain solutions to existing live production systems. Specifically for blockchain, it’s APIs that serve as the universal interface to legacy systems.

Ilya Pupko is the Chief Architect for Jitterbit and offers some expert opinions on why blockchain needs strong APIs to be implemented strongly into a project, how the evolution of blockchain will spark new applications that measure blockchain data to create better workflow, and the role AI could play in the ....

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