Australian Master Marine releases off-road trailer

29 August 2016

New tough trailer built to give boaters access to off-road locations.

The new trailer is the result of an extreme use trailer research and development program undertaken by AMM. Design features include a cradle system which adopts some aspects of a bunk style trailer and combines them with a keel line support and an integrated system of triangular trusses.

The result is described as a near bullet-proof trailer frame that provides greater support for the boat over a greater area, therefore reducing the risk of damage and perhaps failure to the trailer and boat.

More and more of our customers are taking their plate alloy boats into remote locations where the closest thing to a road is a corrugated, wash-board torture track, said Barton Thomas, AMM director. AMMs boats have always proved themselves to be extremely tough - the challenge was develop an even tougher, more durable series of trailers that could push the off-road boundaries even further.

So we decided to develop a style of trailer that would provide far greater structural reliability, far greater support for the boat it was carrying, better suspension components, improved wheel articulation for traversing rough ground and greater ease of maintenance.

All this was done with the premise of not sacrificing towability in any way.

Our R&D program found the weaknesses, devised and trialled solutions and we now are releasing the completed design under the AMM Off Road name.

One of the key features is how the side....

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