A Brooklyn Go-To for Beauticians and Butchers

We thought we could do better, Vinnie Bianco said.

Joseph Solitario, 83, lives down the block. Every day, he stands behind the counter to help people. But hes not on the payroll.Credit Ben Sklar for The New York Times

He rattled off the range of store regulars: hairdressers, barbers, podiatrists, veterinarians, chefs, butchers, manicurists.

Dont forget the sword swallower, chimed in Joey, Vinnies identical twin brother.

Indeed, Kristen Knapp, who goes by the stage name Wendy Blades and is the resident sword swallower at the Coney Island Circus Side Show, has been a loyal customer for the past several years.

I trust them with the tools that I use for my art, she said. After a brief pause, she added: But really, they help me not die.

In order to explain her craft and how she wanted the brothers to edge her sword, Ms. Knapp gave an impromptu demonstration in the store, which Joey recorded on his phone.

Joey Bianco keeps a hand-written ledger of transactions and orders.Credit Ben Sklar for The New York Times

They knew right away what they needed to do, Ms. Knapp said. Joey and Vinnie can do everything in like 15 minutes but I always end up staying for over an hour and a half, chatting.

Several large grinding wheels are spread throughout the workspace. One wall displays scissors in all shapes and sizes; prices range from $50 to $500 per pair. Next to the scissors are hair sprays and dyes, brushes and beard oils. The counter space has a dizz....

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