2 ducklings, 1 duck recovering after April 12 Mississippi River oil spill: U.S. Coast Guard

Two ducklings and one Drake Mallard duck are recovering after a cargo vessel crashed into a pier near the Nashville Wharf on the Mississippi River last week, spilling thousands of gallons of oil into the water, according to a U.S. Coast Guard update Saturday night (April 21).

After nine days of cleanup efforts, the Coast Guard said approximately 11,500 gallons of liquid waste have been recovered and roughly 348 cubic yards of solid waste. As of Saturday night, the three ducks were the only animals reported harmed during the spill.

About 10:30 a.m. last Thursday (April 12), the Coast Guard reported a Singapore flagged general cargo ship, the PAC Antares, hit the pier and was leaking high-sulphur fuel oil into the Mississippi River near mile marker 100. The leak was plugged by 1:21 p.m. that day, the Coast Guard said, and no injuries were reported, though a sheen could be spotted on the water as thousands of revelers headed to the riverfront for the first day of French Quarter Fest.

As of Saturday night, 140 people, 30 vessels, six skimmers and 2,900 feet of containment material have been deployed to cleanup the resulting spill, according to a news release.


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